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Success and Fear: A Double Life

My life was a mess. I wasn’t sure who I was, what I was doing, how I was meant to act, respond or behave. That didn’t mean that I couldn’t function or operate on a day to day basis, in fact I was excellent at it. In my field of employment I reached the highest […]

My Passion for Life is Gone

have lost my passion, passion for life in general, but also for my music and my creative side. My passion for getting up and going to work. My passion for close relationships, family. It’s a very distressing feeling to think that you’ve lost passion for the things in life that are the most important to […]

Woman Interrupted: Lost and Found

I had always felt abandoned by my mother but felt quite matter of fact and intellectual about it all, as if “Well, too bad, that’s just what happened in my life.” But in reality it had a huge impact on me. In that first session, there was this enormous physical feeling rising up within my […]

Losing It: and Losing My Marriage

Over time my inconsistent behavior began to affect my relationships with my family and people who I called my close friends. Looking back it must have been very difficult to be my friend. I was opinionated and rigid in my point of view. I showed very little true consideration for others and was so inconsistent […]

The Lonely Career Woman Prays for Love

Jody’s boss hated her as her sales increased by 30% every month. She provided aeronautical parts to top engineers in the airline building industry. She always felt uncomfortable tiptoeing around in the sterile, polite, politically correct culture of her company. But at the same time it felt all too familiar: much like the family she […]

The “Darth Vader” in your Brain: What is the Amygdala?

We share our survival instincts with the most primitive of living creatures, such as reptiles. This means we have the same instincts as crocodiles and snakes. When a snake or a crocodile is threatened, the creature will either attack and bite, or withdraw and escape. These are two of our basic survival reactions. They are […]