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Utilizing Stress: the Edge to Survive

We share our fight, flight and freeze survival reflexes with the animal kingdom. All living creatures, from reptiles through to mammals, have these reflexes that help them assess and respond to threats. This is why the part of our brain that produces these reflexes is often called the ‘reptilian brain.’ This reflex called the fight, […]

The Power of Choice: Two Pathways in the Brain

Have you ever had regrets over anything? There are many occasions when acting on impulse is a GOOD thing: like buying your girlfriend flowers on the way home from work. However for those ruled by impulse something as simple as shopping can be a dangerous activity: the shopping basket is overflowing and the credit card […]

Recreating Mother/Infant Bonding in a 60 Year Old Male

60 year old male executive came to me with severe anxiety. Very successful. Top of his profession. He had been married once in his 20s for several years and thereafter had a number of brief & unsatisfactory romantic involvements. He tells me that he gets angry easily and is triggered when others express opinions that […]

Steps to Healing Rage and Violence in the Family

Geoff had always had a short fuse. When he got frustrated everyone knew about it. His family was used to carrying the blame for minor mishaps, but when it escalated into physical assault, they reeled with shock. His daughter was particularly affected. She became teary and depressed complaining of headaches after she saw her father […]