Learning support groups

Professional development for A.R.T practitioners

Would you like to build your own professional confidence and help your peers? You can get to know your local group of A.R.T. practitioners, stay in touch, share your clinical experiences, talk about case studies, ask questions discuss articles practice your skills and build your referral network and keep up to date with new developments. Newcomers to Affect Regulation Therapy are welcome to attend to find out more.


Townsville, Australia

Contact person: Martha Landman
Venue: 162 Bundock Str, West End
Contact Tel: 61+ 0416057080
Email: martha@nqtraumacentre.com.au

Townsville, Australia
Dates: To be advised
Host: Martha Landman
Time: 9am – 11am
Venue: 162 Bundock Str, West End
Contact: 61 0416057080


Sydney, Australia:

Contact person: Anca Ramsden
Venue: 8/22-24 Eric Rd, Artarmon, NSW
Contact Tel: 61+ 2 94183692
Email: bestmindset@bigpond.com

Sydney,  Australia:
Dates: To be advised
Host: Anca Ramsden
Time: 7.30pm to 9pm
Venue: 8/22-24 Eric Rd, Artarmon, NSW
Contact: 61  2  94183692



Contact person: Virginia de Souza
Venue: to be advised
Contact Tel: 65+ 94574314
Email: virginia_ds@singnet.com.sg


Contact person: Yvonne Dobson
Venue: Tableview, Cape Town
Tel: 27+ 083 601 4012 27+ 021 556 2471
Email: ydobson@telkomsa.net



Contact person: Anne O’Kane
Venue: 163a Glengarry Rd, Glen Eden
Contact Tel: 64+ 9 818 9835
Email: anneokane@xtra.co.nz

Auckland, NZ
Host: Anne O’Kane
Time: 2pm – 4.pm
Venue: 104 Takahe Rd, Titirangi, Auckland, NZ  0604
Contact: 64  9  8173802